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The Website of your company's might seem great, with tons of multimedia sizzle. But if the site is not consistently bringing targeted visitors and converting them into customers, it's not doing its job—which can have a negative impact on revenue.

A capable, experienced Search Engine Optimization specialist identifies strategies to enhance your search engine rankings and page views; asks about your business goals and goal visitors; and reviews your site.

We asked three experts what to search for when hiring SEO specialists. Here are the top ten qualities to look for in an SEO pro.

1. Years of SEO Expertise

"Anyone can set-up an 'Search Engine Optimization service in London' overnight and call themselves a Search Engine Optimization specialist London," says Jill Whalen, CEO of High Positions. "But that does not mean they know what they are doing.

Whalen includes that every web site needs distinct Search Engine Optimization tactics to triumph. "A Search Engine Optimization expert with several years of expertise will have the ability to look at any website and know exactly what has to be done for it to gain more search engine traffic, while someone new at Search Engine Optimization will try exactly the same things on every site, that will just have a small effect, if any," Whalen includes.

2. A Comprehension of All Three Search Engine Optimization Degrees

Search engine optimization in London involves three grades:

1. Technical (the structure of a website, which could determine how easy or hard it is for search engines to crawl and index your content)

2. On-page optimization (the use of such components as key words and HTML tags in techniques help increase search engine traffic to your website)

3. Off-page optimization (like link building).

"You need someone who will approach their strategy from all three angles to maximize success."

"This means that all SEO consultants or companies need to understand all the technical constraints and issues that search engines may have, and they need to have the ability to articulate those to the developers of your site so that the issues can be minimized."

3. A Proven Track Record of SEO Success

It is simple to speak a superb game in SEO, notes Whalen. "There are loads of blog posts and articles that describe various SEO strategies you can use. But it's another matter to have happy customers. Anyone looking to hire a SEO consultant or business should definitely check at least three fairly present references to discuss the way the Search Engine Optimization company helped them triumph."

4. Advertising Savvy

"Once you get beyond the technical problems of a web site, SEO London is a lot like conventional advertising," says Whalen. "Content needs to be composed in ways that summarizes the benefit to an individual while leading them to a sale. And it all has to be done in a sense that also appeals to the folks at another end of an internet search engine who are looking for what your company offers."

5. A Well-rounded View and Knowledge

"For years, I believed I could ignore subjects outside the hyper-focused SEO stadium," says http://seo.uk.net/ Rand Fishkin, CEO & co founder of SEOMoz. "If it didn't have to do with ranking web pages in search engines, bah humbug! That perspective was incorrect and irrational. When we disconnect SEO from these other critical practices, we make short-term decisions that can ultimately hurt a lot more than they help."

6. An Understanding of the Big Image

Ideally, "the focus of any SEO strategy should be to attain a goal (like raising conversions), not to attain a certain position," says Pratt.

7. The Capacity to Fit in With the Culture of Your Company's

SEO pros must interact with numerous places of a company including advertising, IT, customer service, analytics, and sales. The ability for the Search Engine Optimization to function well with members of these teams is essential, notes Fishkin. "The personality, integrity and communication style of the SEO has to match the organization or improvement will be tough," he says.

8. Exceptional communication skills.

Talking of communication style, a SEO In London needs in order to clearly communicate a change must be made to your website in terms that everyone understands, notes Pratt. "There is no means a SEO can do everything themselves. So that they need to have the ability to convey why a certain change needs to be made in terms that everyone understands.

9. A passion for execution.

Search Engine Optimization pros who love to get things done economically usually result in consultants that are ideal, Fishkin says. "Great SEOs find means to work around challenges and roadblocks. Obviously, this means your organization must enable advancement and not impede it or you will break their spirit and want to impact the business positively."

10. Interest.

Curiosity is vital, too while knowledge is definitely significant. "I've often met SEOs whose knowledge was brilliant, but at some stage inside their career, it ceased to grow. I'd rather have a fresh head that is hungry and growing than a grizzled vet whose thirst for new knowledge died in 2006."

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